Działalność Stowarzyszenia Rodzina Katyńska

Federation of Katyn Families is a non-governmental organization that brings together activist Katyn Families from Poland. It's main task is commemorate the victims of the Katyn massacre and nursing the memory of the communism victims in the Soviet Union. It must be said, that Federation of Katyn Families created military cemeteries in Katyn, Miednoye and Kharkov..

Aktualności Rodzina Katyńska

» R.I.P. Bogda Szklarczyksource:

October 24, 2011 died our great president of Federation of Katyn Families Katowice. She chaired this federation from September 1997.

She was the daughter of a prisoner murdered in Katyn, lawyer from Poznan - Kazimierz Frackowiak.